I am so grateful to Thimo. I recommend this course to anyone who feels under stress, or is interested in developing self care practice, self compassion and is looking for a different template of being in the world .

Thimo is an extraordinary person. He is real, wise, knowledgeable and teaches with care, openness, courage and humility.

He is what he is teaches. I I felt known and seen as well as valued and respected.



I would recommend Thimo’s MBSR course to a wide range of people. It will be of benefit to anyone seeking to assert more control over thier stress reactivity. However, it will also be of benefit to anyone who is simply interested in starting a meditation practice or even looking to refresh a long standing practice.


Research Scientist

I absolutely recommend Thimo’s MBSR course. Taking this course is a gift to yourself… it offers the opportunity to get to know yourself better, to get to know the essence of who you are.  It helped me to become more curious and aware about how I go throughout my life and engage with those around me. Anyone who is curious to learn more about themselves would benefit from this course.


Therapist/Clinical psych grad student

Thimo’s gifts as a teacher are his clarity and warmth. He has a straightforward and grounded way of guiding his students that makes mindfulness practice so approachable. The humor and care that he brings to this guidance are delightful to be around. You can tell that he really lives the principles he’s teaching you about.


English professor